José Moreno e Hijos, S.L started out in 1990 providing services to the agricultural sector. The main activity is focused on the marketing of grain and fertilizers.

Since 2007, the company diversified its services to the supply of biomass. At present, transform, condition and provides olive bones as biomass to agricultural and livestock facilities, nurseries and plantations, sports and leisure facilities, housing and schools. Olive bones is high quality biomass product with standard properties: humidity, calorific value & cleanliness.


Our corporate vision is oriented to serve our customers. Service, availability and confidentiality are the values ​​that define our company culture and, moreover, is supported by a strong relationships customers trust, for over twenty years of business.

The quality of our products and safety in all processes, as well as to the ability of our facilities for services provided, make Jose Moreno e Hijos, S.L is a solid company with a stable horizon.