José Moreno e Hijos, S.L is one of the main Spanish suppliers of biomass for combustion in adapted plants to the use of this materials. The type of biomass in which the company specializes is the olive bones.

We can guarantee the same product and same quality throughout the year as a facility, including transportation to your company with the type of truck required for the type of storage and feeding of your system. The format is adapted to the customer’s needs and offered in bulk, big-bag or bags of 15-20 kg.

We provide contract for short, medium or long-term product for the final customer. Our product is dried and prepared in our facilities. We also guarantee the characteristics of the product supplied (% moisture content and calorific value) set in the product data sheet.
Compliance with fixed characteristics of the product ensures homogeneity in supply that promotes optimal performance of combustion and fuel system.

The service offered by Jose Moreno e Hijos includes technical consultancy specialized to the type and characteristics of biomass for use in boilers, types of biomass storage systems, customized silos and common problems and design solutions

Those companies interested in knowing about our product can request a sample of biomass by completing the application in the contact section.

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